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Dania Pointe lands its first big retail tenants

Brandsmart USA, Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx are the first major retailers to agree to lease space at Dania Pointe, a shopping and entertainment center under construction in Dania Beach just east of Interstate 95. New York-based developer Kimco Realty Corp. also announced that the 300,000-square-foot

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Florida’s Industrial Real Estate Market Continues Evolving http://theloancommittee.com/floridas-industrial-real-estate-market-continues-evolving/ http://theloancommittee.com/floridas-industrial-real-estate-market-continues-evolving/#respond Fri, 25 Aug 2017 18:36:24 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5947

Florida’s Industrial Real Estate Market Continues Evolving

Are we at pre-recession levels yet?

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Commercial Lenders Clamp up in South Florida http://theloancommittee.com/commercial-lenders-clamp-up-in-south-florida/ http://theloancommittee.com/commercial-lenders-clamp-up-in-south-florida/#respond Mon, 03 Apr 2017 14:38:39 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5894

Commercial lenders are banking on the repeal of Dodd-Frank to improve the increasingly tight lending atmosphere in South Florida. While the pace of requests hasn’t slowed down, most lenders The Real Deal spoke to said they are not financing ground-up development at this stage in the real estate cycle. And they are much more selective these days about which ongoing projects they do give loans to.  Author:  Katherine Kallergis.  Source:  The Real Deal.  Read more…

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U.S. Industrial Properties Most Stable Asset Class in 2017 http://theloancommittee.com/u-s-industrial-properties-most-stable-asset-class-in-2017/ http://theloancommittee.com/u-s-industrial-properties-most-stable-asset-class-in-2017/#respond Thu, 23 Feb 2017 13:52:37 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5878

According to the latest research from CBRE Group, Inc., capitalization rates on U.S. commercial real estate remained largely stable in the second half of 2016, as prices softened slightly. Ongoing investment demand, especially from foreign buyers, counteracted the rise in interest rates and cyclical factors.

The CBRE North America Cap Rate Survey provides insights on movements for the major property asset classes. Cap rates in the second half of 2016 either largely stayed the same or increased slightly compared to the first half of the year. The industrial sector remained the most stable sector, benefiting from market expectations that it will have stronger rent growth than other asset classes in 2017.  Author: Michael Gerrity.  Source: World Property Journal.  Learn more…

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4 Things Real Estate Investors are Looking out for in 2017 http://theloancommittee.com/4-things-real-estate-investors-are-looking-out-for-in-2017/ http://theloancommittee.com/4-things-real-estate-investors-are-looking-out-for-in-2017/#respond Thu, 23 Feb 2017 13:19:33 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5874

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A New Investment Outlook for REITs http://theloancommittee.com/a-new-investment-outlook-for-reits/ http://theloancommittee.com/a-new-investment-outlook-for-reits/#respond Tue, 21 Feb 2017 16:35:41 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5855

The growth of all the REIT’s aggregate market capitalizations has increased 68,074 percent in 45 years. NAREIT reports that from 1971 (Market Cap = $1,494 million) to 2016 (Market Cap = $1,018 billion) the REIT industry has grown to an extremely substantial industry. Granted, this growth is highly skewed as the REIT industry has drastically changed in the last almost-half century, and there are considerably more REITs in existence today than at the genesis of the industry. But what if you did invest in the REIT industry at the beginning and continued to invest along the way? Would you have more of a generational investment outlook?  Author: David Sobelman, Founder & CEO, Generation Income Properties.  Source: Commercial Property Executive.  Learn more…

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Present Value vs. Net Present Value http://theloancommittee.com/present-value-vs-net-present-value/ http://theloancommittee.com/present-value-vs-net-present-value/#respond Wed, 08 Feb 2017 14:09:55 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5842

Present Value vs. Net Present Value: via @YouTube

— Adam P Von Romer (@avonromer) August 25, 2016

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What is driving Broward’s CRE growth? http://theloancommittee.com/what-is-driving-browards-cre-growth/ http://theloancommittee.com/what-is-driving-browards-cre-growth/#respond Wed, 08 Feb 2017 13:44:29 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5833

What is driving #Broward’s #CRE growth? pic.twitter.com/rq0hN1jftA

— JLL Florida (@JLLFlorida) February 7, 2017

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Broward County has its first record sale of 2017 at $163 million http://theloancommittee.com/broward-county-has-its-first-record-sale-of-2017-at-163-million/ http://theloancommittee.com/broward-county-has-its-first-record-sale-of-2017-at-163-million/#respond Wed, 08 Feb 2017 13:36:13 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5831

Broward County has its first record sale of 2017 at $163 million by @SFBJRealEstate pic.twitter.com/KUhl4OkvNJ

— SFBJ Newsroom (@SFBJNews) February 7, 2017

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New FASB Standards Are a Potential Game-Changer for Lease Negotiations http://theloancommittee.com/new-fasb-standards-are-a-potential-game-changer-for-lease-negotiations/ http://theloancommittee.com/new-fasb-standards-are-a-potential-game-changer-for-lease-negotiations/#respond Wed, 19 Oct 2016 12:32:32 +0000 http://theloancommittee.com/?p=5694

The new leasing standard released in February 2016 by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) will unquestionably change the dynamics of lease negotiations moving forward. Since most businesses are involved in some type of leasing arrangement, you need to prepare for the new FASB standard as it may impact your company’s bottom line.

The new FASB leasing standard takes effect for the interim and annual reporting periods of public business entities, as well as certain not-for-profits and employee benefit plans, for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2018. For all other entities, including private companies, the new lease accounting standard is effective for annual reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2019 and interim periods beginning after December 15, 2020.

The new standard will require lessees to recognize assets and liabilities on their balance sheets for most of their leases. Regardless of their length and term, all leases are subject to the recognition criteria in the new standard. Under an available accounting policy election, a lessee may elect to not record an asset and a liability for a lease with a term of 12 months or less, as long as the lease does not include a purchase option that the lessee is reasonably certain to exercise.  Source: National Real Estate Investor.  Author:  Howard Barash.  Learn more…


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