July 25, 2014

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Back in the early 90’s, I was teaching bankers how to do SBA lending. I also helped in doing credit analysis and loan packaging. Everyone called me a loan packager. As my business has evolved into setting up SBA departments and finding people to fill SBA jobs, so has the cottage industry that seeks to support small SBA lending programs.  Today we call this industry that of the SBA Loan Service Providers or LSP. They come in all skill sets. Some just do SBA loan packaging. Others focus on SBA credit analysis, etc. There are a few that are what we might call “full service”, proclaiming that they have the expertise to be your entire SBA back office. While it would serve the SBA lending community for the SBA to classify LSPs as “certified” according to their skills and abilities, it will be incumbent upon you to check them out. Significant due diligence is required. read entire article…  Author: Tim Terry.  Source:  SBA Advisors.

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