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Visit each sub-category under Member “Haves & Wants” to see what other members of The Loan Committee are posting.

Do you have information about the loan types your bank offers, do you need a funding source for a particular project, or do you have a commercial real estate listing you’d like to share with the members of The Loan Committee™?   Post your “Haves & Wants” here.

There are three ways to submit your information:

1.  Start a discussion outlining your haves and wants under The Loan Committee “Forum” menu tab.  You will be able to communicate in real time with visitors to The Loan Committee website.

2.  Send your listing sheet in .pdf format to info@theloancommittee.com.  Your listing will be uploaded to The Loan Committee website and displayed under the “Member Listings” menu tab.

3. If your information is text only with no attachments, then just complete the attached form and submit.  We will enter the data for you. Your information will then be posted under the Member “Haves & Wants” menu tab.

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